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Consultation Service

I would like to write a data management plan - what are the funder requirements and what legal aspects should I be aware of?

I need a storage solution for my project - I am looking for an endorsed backup strategy and want to protect my data from unauthorized access

I would like to publish my data - how do I find a suitable repository and how do I assign metadata?

We support you in your research data management

Do you have questions concerning research data management in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us. We offer advice to all researchers at the University -, from doctoral candidates to working group leaders and from individual projects to collaborative research.

We support you in the planning, application, implementation and completion phases of your project.

Beratung_LogoWe organize our consultations according to the single point of contact principle: Simply send your request to our address [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] Depending on the professional or technical expertise needed, we will distribute your request to the most suitable contact person from our team.

Together with you, and in accordance with the needs of the research project and the available resources, we shall determine pragmatic and sustainable solutions that best fit your project.

If necessary, we are happy to call in other University contacts, such as our colleagues at the university and state library, at the university computer center, the research support or the legal department. In certain cases, we also point you to external partners, such as data centers, specialist information services or other service providers that provide further, also discipline-specific, support.

Feel free to email us any time at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]
We are happy to offer individual appointments - in person, by telephone or via video conference.

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