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RSpace - the Electronic Lab Notebook

The Research Data Service Center offers, for all researchers at the University of Bonn, the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), RSpace ( The RSpace software is centrally hosted at the University Computer Center. A large number of RSpace licenses is available for the University faculties (including the Faculty of Medicine). The access to RSpace can be granted by the Research Data Service Center to interested research groups. We also offer basic introduction courses. Research group leaders, who would like to use RSpace in their group, should contact the Service Center directly. New users that should be included into existing groups should also contact the Service Center directly in order to request an account. Below please find further details regarding the RSpace instance at the University of Bonn:

  • The system is embedded into the local infrastructure of the University Computer Center (HRZ)
  • Access to the system is possible only via the University network or via VPN
  • Organization in RSpace is based on research groups
  • Individually adjustable read and write permissions offer a wide range of options for collaborative work
  • All entries are assigned to an individual user and are subject to complete versioning
  • RSpace complies with various standards and requirements (for example GLP, FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11). The software provides also many additional features, including electronic signature options and the generation of Audit Trails

Access: After a license has been activated, the user can access it using their personal Uni-ID via the single sign-on system of the University (Shibboleth). RSpace can be reached at (via the University network or via VPN)

Storage: The RSpace platform provides each account with 2 GB of storage space for the documentation of their research. This limit exists because an ELN is primarily a documentation tool, and therefore it is not designed as a cloud storage. However, if there is a justified need, the available storage space can, in principle, be expanded.

Connecting your own network drive: If you already save and store your data on a network drive, RSpace offers the option of connecting your network drive to the ELN platform. Please note that while the drive URL is visible to all RSpace users, the data itself is only visible and accessible to you and to those authorized by you.

Connection of external services: RSpace offers a possibility to connect to additional services. For example, if you work with, you can import existing experimental protocols directly into RSpace.

Training: the Research Data Service Center offers introduction courses on handling RSpace and on the basic functionalities of the system. Lab Groups as well as interested individuals can contact us under [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. Interested groups will then be contacted directly by us to arrange a date for the training. Interested individuals will be put on a waiting list. They are asked to give us some possible time frames for the training. As soon as we have enough people together, we will send you a poll to determine a definite date. The training will take place via Zoom and can be conducted in English or German. Duration approx. 120 min. (incl. breaks).

The usage of RSpace is not mandatory for research groups.
If you have any inquiries regarding the RSpace instance at the University of Bonn, please contact us at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]


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