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 Research data management helps... organize your research data


Research data differ between disciplines

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The electronic laboratory notebook

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As academic research moves into the age of digitalization, professional Research Data Management (RDM) is increasingly viewed as important across all fields of inquiry.
The Research Data Service Center supports RDM throughout the entire research process – from research project planning and application filing to the publication and archiving of research data. The Service Point provides advice and designs basic, general RDM services for academics all across the University.

Our team members assist you with
•    Organizing your research data
•    Preparing a Data Management Plan (DMP)
•    Data documentation, curation and metadata tagging
•    Searching for useful research data
•    Questions regarding collaborative work environments
•    Selecting suitable data storage systems and formats
•    Your data publication plans
•    Backup strategies, long-term archiving and data security
•    Finding tools and platforms for your research data
•    and other issues relating to Research Data Management.

You can reach us by email at ✉ [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]


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The Research Data Service Center administers the RADAR data repository, providing access to faculty and graduate students of the University of Bonn to facilitate the professional publication and archiving of research data.


Our DMP-Service supports you with creating a Data Management Plan

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Starting from now, the Electronic Laboratory Notebook RSpace is available to all interested research groups at the University of Bonn.

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Our consultation service assists you in the planning, application, implementation and completion phases of your project.


We regularly offer training courses for different target groups of Bonn University

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What kind of storage do I need for my research data?
We provide an overview of available storage services and support you in choosing the right system for your project.

Open Science

Promotion of an Open Science culture is one of the pillars forming the Excellence Strategy of the University of Bonn.
Open Science encompasses a number of measures that assure that research transparency, traceability and reproducibility are met by the increasingly digital scientific community. By incorporating structured research data management into your work, you ensure that your research data are understandable and reusable, also beyond your current project.

Together with the Research Data Service Center, the Open Access Service Center supports you in making your research results openly accessible.

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The Service Center is a joint initiative of University IT and the Bonn University and State Library (ULB Bonn).

The Service Center cooperates closely with other actors and institutions at the University such as the Open Access Service Center, the Division for Research Support and Management, including particularly the Research Support section and the Bonn Graduate Center, the Human Resource Development for research staff, the advisory centers for research contrats an research ethics and the University’s Legal Department and the Data Protection Officer. We also cooperate with the Bonn Technology Campus at the Medical Faculty and the Bonn Center for Digital Humanities at the Philosophical Faculty.

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