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About us

Digitization is changing day-to-day research practices across all fields of academic inquiry. Research data of every kind are collected, processed, analyzed, published and archived in digital systems. The term Research Data Management (RDM) refers to a range of activities and topics relating to the handling of digital research data, including technical, methodological, organizational and legal factors.

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The University of Bonn formed the Research Data Service Center in a move to provide the best possible support to researchers in addressing these challenges. As an RDM competence center, we cover the entire research process from project planning to the final publication and archiving of research data. Our services include advice, conducting training and development of basic IT services for handling research data. We function as a single point of contact, taking inquiries of all kinds to ensure that you don’t have to waste time searching around to find the right contact.

The Service Center is a joint initiative of University IT and the Bonn University and State Library (ULB Bonn). The members of our team come from diverse backgrounds, contributing academic, technical and library science expertise. We cooperate closely with other actors and institutions at the University as well, such as the Open Access Service Center, the Division for Research Support and Management, including particularly the Research Support section and the Bonn Graduate Center, the Human Resource Development for research staff, the advisory centers for research contrats an research ethics and the University’s Legal Department and the Data Protection Officer. We also cooperate with the Bonn Technology Campus at the Medical Faculty and the Bonn Center for Digital Humanities at the Philosophical Faculty.


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