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The National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) is currently being set up in Germany. This initiative is funded by the federal and state governments and is a nationwide competence and infrastructure network intended to support the provision, development, availability and reproducibility of research data in science. The consortia have beeen selected in three separate funding calls. In total, 27 consortia, representing various research domains, receive the funding. In the coming years the consortia will develop binding standards for research data and scientific workflows, as well as establish various services for their communities. The goal of the NFDI consortia is to enable a more fair, open and collaborative handling of research data.

All funded consortia are summarized in the following. Further details about the background and creation process of the NFDI can be found here and here (page available only in German!). You can find a sorting of the funded consortia according to disciplines here

Funded NFDI-Consortia:

  • BERD@NFDI - NFDI Consortium for Business, Economic and Related Data
  • DAPHNE4NFDI - NFDI-Consortium "DAta for PHoton and Neutron Experiments"
  • DataPLANT - research data in the field of basic plant research
  • FAIRmat- FAIR Data Infrastructure for Condensed-Matter Physics and the Chemical Physics of Solids
  • GHGA – The German Human Genome-Phenome Archive 
  • KonsortSWD - Consortium for the Social, Behavioural, Educational and Economic Sciences
  • MaRDI – The NFDI Consortium of Mathematics
  • NFDI4BioDiversity- Consortium dedicated to the mobilising biodiversity and environmental data for collective use 
  • NFDI4BIOIMAGE – Research Data Management for Microscopy and BioImage
  • NFDI4Cat - NFDI for Catalysis-Related Sciences
  • NFDI4Energy - National Research Data Infrastructure for Interdisciplinary Energy Systems Research
  • NFDI4Ing - National Research Data Infrastructure for Engineering Sciences
  • NFDI4MatWerk– National Research Data Infrastructure for Materials Science & Engineering
  • NFDI4Objects- Research Data Infrastructure for the Material Remains of Human History
    Participants from the University of Bonn: Dr. Matthias Lang (Bonn Center for Digital Humanities)
  • NFDIxCS- National Research Data Infrastructure for and with Computer Science
  • PUNCH4NFDI – Particles, Universe, Nuclei and Hadrons for the NFDI
    Participants from the University of Bonn: Dr. Philip Bechtle (Institute of Physics)
  • Text+ - Consortium for Language- and Text-based Data
    Participants from the University of Bonn: Prof. Dr. Judith Pfeiffer (Institute für Oriental- and Asian Studies)
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