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Research Data Service Center

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We support your research data management!

The Research Data Service Center supports RDM throughout the entire research process – from research project planning and application filing to the publication and archiving of research data.

We help you implement your RDM in line with the good research practice, the FAIR principles, and open science. The Service Center provides advice and designs basic, general RDM services for academics all across the University.


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Consultation Service

Our consultation service assists you in the planning, application, implementation and completion phases of your project.

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DMPs & RDM in grant applications

With our DMP Service, we support you in creating a data management plan (DMP) for your project or application for third party funding.

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Training Courses

We regularly offer training courses for different target groups of Bonn University.

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Research Data Repositories

Use the research data repositories bonndata for publication & RADAR for archiving of research data.

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Electronic Laboratory Notebook

The Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) RSpace is available to all interested research groups at the University of Bonn.

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Storage Services

We provide an overview of available storage services and support you in choosing the right system for your project.

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Digital Humanities

We can help you with questions about tools, methods and standards relating to Digital Humanities.

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Confluence is a powerful wiki for documentation and knowledge management in projects.

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Services in preparation

 Currently we are working on setting up JupiterHub and gitlab services. Interested? Want to know the current state? Contact us at researchdata@uni-bonn.de

Advisory Board for Research Data (WBDF)

The scientific advisory board with the focus on research data management at the University of Bonn.

The National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI)

How can the NFDI support me and my research data?

Open Science

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The promotion of an Open Science culture is an important pillar of the Excellence Strategy of the University of Bonn.

Open Science comprises a series of measures aimed at ensuring transparency, traceability and reproducibility are met by the increasingly digital scientific community. By incorporating structured research data management into your work, you ensure that your research data are understandable and reusable, also beyond your current project.

In addition to the Research Data Service Center, the Open Access Service Center supports you in making your research results openly accessible.

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