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  • A data management plan (DMP) provides a useful structure for the handling of research data gathered in a research project. A DMP is a forward-looking effort to organize the research project. It addresses technical, methodological, logistical as well as legal aspects pertinent to the handling of digital data.

    We support you with your Data Management Plan!

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    We advise you individually on the creation of a DMP for your research project. You can also send us your draft version which we will revise and comment. Contact us at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

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    You can also use the Research Data Management Organizer (RDMO) for creating a DMP. The tool guides you through a questionnaire which covers all typical aspects of research data management  in a project.

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    Our RDMO-questionnaire covering all DFG requirements is also available as a DMP-guideline Word Document.
    The helptexts contain links to additional ressources and relevant services available at the University of Bonn.


  • We also recommend these external ressources:

     Tips & Checklists

Example DMPs

Discipline-specific ressources


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Social Sciences

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